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20 Ways you Can Beautify Yourself Easily


The existing media ideal for the appearance of women is by far achieved by not more than 2% of the total female population. The bombardment of unrealistic ideal appearances has caused women to stress about their personality, wonder, whether or not they fit into the realm of “beautiful”. According to a recent survey, 8 out of 10 women today are distressed about their appearance.

With the standard of female beauty being constantly defined by the society in an unrealistic manner, it has become impossible to keep up with the beauty trends. But beyond the world of hair dressing and physical training, there are ways through which you can feel beautiful and peaceful at the same time. With just some minor changes in your lifestyle, you can easily beautify yourself without having to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics.

1. Start your day with lemon and water

How you start your day says the most about your appearance, personality and state of mind. Get rid of feeding yourself with the artificial caffeine boost and instead enjoy lemon juice with warm water. Cut a lemon half, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix the two together for a perfect cleansing. By start your day like this, you give your metabolism a boost, and allow your liver to breathe easily. Lemon and water is extremely alkalizing and hydrating. Caffeine on the other hand is dehydrating and acidic. Moreover, it exhausts the liver while increasing the number of toxins in the body. So now it’s time to ditch the artificial flavors and enjoy a buzz from nature.

Ways you Can Beautify yourself Easily

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